oktober 2022

lör22okt13:0016:00PILGRIMS ON GOTLAND - Playing the gameArrangör: Juanma González22 oktober Tid: 13.00 - 16.00


Lördag 22 oktober
kl. 13-16
Tengbomhallen, plan 1

’Pilgrims on Gotland’ is a board game where you can decide your own destiny. In a mixture of interactive and reflective interface the players decide who they want to become and how they want to act – do you wish to be a tourist, a pilgrim or an experience-seeker? Your choice affects how you ’walk’ on the island reaching different locations and achieving various journey goals. Like the Game of the Goose, inspired by Camino de Santiago, the game offers a window into the spiritual and physical experience of a pilgrimage and the social implications of a temporary community.

A public event arranged by Flat Octopus.


I am a multidisciplinary artist who uses the act of walking as a method for artistic production. Gotland is the site where I’ve been working and developing my art practice in recent years. With the support of Brucebo grant, I explored the island, mainly by foot, for three months in summer 2016. Through an inquiring process, I reached the social capital of Gotland through contacting local people and cultural, religious institutions. This allowed me to do a project by riding a horse on a local pilgrimage and organize a three-week walk, Apostlahästar på Gotland (2017), which used the island’s Medieval churches as landmarks along the way. As a pilgrim community, participants relied on local hospitality who provided free food and accomodation.

As a follow up, I’ve created ’Pilgrims on Gotland’, a board game with Gotland’s map as a participatory-art object, based on my experience as a pilgrim and walking artist, designed and developed in the course The Photographic Artist’s Book (21/22) at KKH. The UK-based curator Monserrat Pis invited me to show the game for the art exhibition ‘Camiños Creativos’ in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in November.

Juanma González



Flat Octopus is an international artist- and curator-run collective in Stockholm, Sweden, initiated in 2019. It consists of seven people of different professional and cultural backgrounds. Flat Octopus organises exhibitions in different apartments located in Stockholm, as well as external collaborations and projects.

Flat Octopus are: Edit Fándly, Juanma González, Paulina Granat, Amr Hamid, Alice Máselníková, Franziska Sperling and Erik Wijkström.