mars 2019

24marIdagTel Aviv Days - Literature(Idag: Söndag) HörsalenTyp av Arrangemang:Föreläsningar


Söndag 24 mars 14:00-18:00 ink. paus
Konstakademien, Fredsgatan 12/Jakobsgatan 27C

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Den tredje i kulturserien Tel Aviv Days som pågår hela mars tillägnas Israels yngre litterära scenen och presenterar tre av Israels mest internationellt hyllade föfattare. Möt Assaf Gavron, Eshkol Nevo & Noa Yedlin, alla har starka band till kulturmetropolen Tel Aviv. I programmet visas det första avsnittet av David Perlovs ikoniska film Diary med efterföljande samtal med filmaren Yael Perlov.
Moderator: Nissim Calderon, Litteratur professor & författare och Ricki Neuman, författare & journalist.
Program & regi: Lizzie Oved Scheja

Arrangerad av Judisk kultur i Sverige och Israels ambassad I samarbete med Konstakademien.

Mer information på Judisk Kulturs hemsida.


Assaf Gavron is an acclaimed Israeli writer who has published six novels: IceMovingAlmost DeadHydromaniaThe Hilltop and Eighteen Lashes; a collection of short stories, Sex in the Cemetery; and a non-fiction collection of Jerusalem falafel-joint reviews, Eating Standing Up. His fiction has been adapted for the stage in Israel’s national theater, and optioned for movies. He is the recipient of several awards including the Bernstein Prize for The Hilltop, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Creative Award for Authors, and the Prix Courrier International in France for Almost Dead. Gavron’s latest novel in English, The Hilltop (Uppe pa hojden), was published in Swedish by Natur & Kultur in 2015.

Eshkol Nevo was born in Jerusalem in 1971 and spent his childhood years in Israel and Detroit, U.S.A. He has published a collection of short stories, a non-fiction book and two novels. His bestselling novel, Homesick, was awarded the Book Publishers Association`s Gold Book Prize (2005).
‘Set in a Tel Aviv apartment building, prize-winning author Eshkol Nevo’s brilliant recent novel presents a complex and emotionally wrought society, through revealing the turmoil, secrets, unreliable confessions and problematic decisions of the residents’.

Noa Yedlin is recipient of the 2013 Sapir Prize for Literature (The Israeli Mann Booker). In 2014, she was named by Haaretz Magazine one of ”66 Israeli women you should know”. Her book, House Arrest, for which she won the Sapir Prize, spent months at the top of the bestseller list in Israel. It is currently being adapted for the theatre.  Yedlin’s new best -selling novel, Stockholm, (shortlisted for the Sapir Prize 2017) has been adapted into a television series which was highly successful in Israel (the second season is on its way). The series was presented in festivals around the world, and is now being bought by TV channels worldwide.

Yael Perlov  is  Laureate of the Israel Film Academy Prize for editing Late Marriage by Dover Kosashvili, (2003) as well as laureate producing and editing Ben Gurion, Epilogue (2017). In 2009 laureate of the Art of Film Prize of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Yael Perlov has produced, initiated and edited a great number of films. Yael had founded the Perlov Fund to commemorate her father, a fund holding a yearly competition of short documentary films, prizing young film students from all over Israel. Yael has been a film lecturer, teacher for the past two decades at Tel Aviv University. Yael is the producer and artistic director of WATER which is an Israeli-Palestinian cinematic project.

Prof. Emeritus Nissim Calderon was born in 1947 in Tel-Aviv. He Studied Hebrew Literature and Theatre in Tel Aviv University. Got his Ph.D. from T.A. University in 1980. He is teaching Hebrew Lit. and Cinema studies continuously from 1970 to the present in T.A University , The Ben Gurion University of the Negev, the Sapir colleges, and Sam Spiegel Film and Television School. He published three books about Israeli Literature, one book about Multiculturalism in Israel,, one book about Poetry and Rock-and Roll in Israel, and a biography of the singer-songwriter Meir Ariel (2016) . He is active in many cultural activities, and publishes regularly essays and book-reviews.


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